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Dear Customers.

We wish to present you our beautiful collection of glass mosaic, which has been made from the beginning to the end by LUXOR.

We have done our best to make our offer as diverse,

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rich in designs and ideas as possible, providing you with huge possibilities for decorating your interiors.
Our designs and textures are unique, because they are created from scratch in our plant, according to our ideas. The mosaics are made using our own original textures, hence their uniqueness. Glass mosaic can be combined in any way to form your own composition. As a result, you can create a decor found nowhere else.

Additionally, you can choose different sizes of glass tiles in the mosaic, namely:
  • 2.3x2.3 cm - 12 tiles in a row - 144 tiles in a patch - 30x30cm patch
  • 2.5x2.5 cm - 11 tiles in a row - 121 tiles in a patch - 30x30cm patch
  • 2.5x4.8 cm - 11x6 tiles - 66 tiles in a patch - 30x30cm patch
  • 2.6x2.6 cm - 7 tiles in a row - 49 tiles in a patch - 20x20cm patch
  • 4.8x4.8 cm - 6 tiles in a row - 36 tiles in a patch - 30x30cm patch
  • 1.6x1.6 cm - 17 tiles in a row - 289 tiles in a patch - 30x30cm patch
This gives you great opportunities to create your own, original decors.

Zobacz szczegóły produktu
The mosaic as well as the glass moulding presented in the catalogue are made of glass with a thickness of 8mm. Mosaic is laid on a glass fibre mesh. A patch of mosaic has the 30x30cm format.
We hope that our designs will delight you and allow you to create your own decorative line which will enrich and add splendour to your interiors.
Please be advised that the hue of the mosaics and glass mouldings in the catalogue may differ from those presented in the colour chart.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!